Our Drain and Plumbing Services

Emergency Drain Sewer

A problem with your sewer can cause an unpleasant mess of problems that can damage your house, yard and more.

24 Hour Plumber

Local Drain Expert is a family-owned residential plumbing business that’s aware of how important reliable plumbing is your family’s quality of life.

Clogged Drain

You hop in the shower after someone in your family has used it and there’s still standing water in the tub. It sounds like a drain is clogged.

Drain Cleaning

If you have plumbing that is not draining properly our drain cleaning experts can help you resolve your problem once and for all.

Sewer Backup

It’s not fun to think about but sewage backups can happen to anyone in any home. We are here to help.

Video Camera Inspection

A sewer camera is a valuable tool to help determine if there’s a problem with your home’s sewer system.

Backwater Valve Installation

A backwater valve is simply a device in the waste pipe that prevents sewage from flowing back into the building.

Flood Protection

The most common cause of basement flooding in Toronto and the GTA is fluctuation in the water table, or groundwater level, caused by rainfall.