Clogged Drain

Let Local Drain Expert Fix Your Drain Clogs

You hop in the shower after someone in your family has used it and there’s still standing water in the tub, or you brush your teeth and your sink is filling up instead of draining. It sounds like a drain is clogged.

A clogged bathroom drain is not just inconvenient; if it’s not taken care of properly the first time it can happen again. Leave your clogged drain repairs to Local Drain Expert, your local Toronto plumber. We will fix it fast and fix it right.

Many products you can purchase yourself use chemicals to break up clogs, but these can damage your pipes, turning a simple drain clog into a larger, more costly plumbing problem. Local Drain Expert has safer ways to fix the problem using our professional equipment.

Drain Snake

Using a professional cable drain cleaner, we can get deep into the pipe to find and break up the clog. Our drain snake is much longer and more powerful than what is sold at home improvement stores, making it easier to get to those clogs deep inside pipes.

Hydro Jetter

Some clogs need more power that a simple drain snake, so that’s when we recommended a more powerful solution. A hydro jetter uses a high pressure water stream to break up tough clogs and send the debris through the pipes, clearing them completely.

If you notice that water is standing in your tub or sink, or your toilet is slow to flush, there may be a clog developing in your pipes. Before it gets any worse, call Local Drain Expert to fix your clog today.